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Monday, December 20th 2004

22:33:56 (6029 days, 1h, 43min ago)

Second Offical Book Review

  • Mood: Good Mood :)

 I'm so happy I just finished up a book review,my second offical one. Boy I love reading especially when there free (LOL). Anyways the book review was done on author Mary Eason "Everlasting Love" (e-book) here is what I wrote.

"Everlasting Love"

A vampire waits for his one, true love.
My Review: This was an excellent book. It drew me right in.  It has alot of history and Mary did a great job describing Romania. The suspense kept me reading. The love between Prince Viktor Brincoveanu and Gabrielle is strong. This is a true  to your heart romance book. I loved it and can't wait till her next book. I diffently recommend reading this book,you won't be disappointed. I give it 5 stars.
What do you think of this book review?
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 Please vote so I know how I did,if I should keep doing it or quit. Thanks




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